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Brand: Zhongshan Herbal Lotion         Product Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion
Address: 1289 No 205 Nabow Street South District Zhongshan City  Guangtong China 524040
ISSN:0065-9916        UPC 7-9351486034-4     Item - Form: Liquid      Color: Brown    Safety Warning: External use only and not drinkable

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REMEDY 2: Muscle Pain Immediately Relief for construction worker, Aikido Basic, Traveler , Basketball Knee Pain, Tennis Elbow Pain and any heavy lifting or activities professionals

Ingredients:Tai Fong Hai, Wong Fun, Ding Hong, Hoy Soo Chow, Sue moo plus 50 more different kind of none poison Chinese Herbals soak with Special Wine and Water then harvest after 24 months of the soaking period.

The Past 8 years survey of the Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion at our 3800 client's feedback

1. Side effects or skin irritation: None      up to May 13, 2016.

2. The time frame of the Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion take effect :

25 % clients     immediately              15 % clients   1 to 3 days                45 % clients   7 to 15 days            15 % clients    15 to 45 days

3.Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion will recover your back pain, knee pain and tight muscles in 3 easy steps.

1. Apply a thin coat of the Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion  on your pain area then with a light massage.

2. You will feel warm or "Tingling" on your pain area and never will feel hot or burn like some other medicine.

3. Your tight muscle or pain will disappear with in few minutes ( feedback of 25% of our clients. )

DIRECTION: Remove the cap and drop a thin coat of the liquid to cover the surface of the pain area then massage with light pressure on any pain area. Apply 3 to 4 times a day. Normally the CHML will take effect with in 1 to 7 day.

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