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    Massage with our POWERFUL HERBAL PATCH for 30 minutes, deep penetration into your muscle or joint* ( walk in customer only )

      Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion Power Level II                  Money Back Guaranteed               $6.39 with Postpaid         1-808-538-7871

      Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion Power Level III                   Net Weight 1.0 Ounce                     $8.99 with Postpaid        CLIENT TESTIMONY 

      Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion Power Level VI                  Net Weight 2.0 Ounce                   $23.99 with Postpaid           ISLAND SALES DATA

      Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion Power Level V                  Net Weight 2.0 Ounce                    $27.99 with Postpaid           Client Testimony _ Ebay

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REMEDYTapping is only apply to the severe patient for any other case, even w / out tapping, our CHML will works well for you and I guaranteed!

Relief Weightlifting Pain- Back Pain -Muscle Pain - Sprains - Bruise - Neck Pain - Shoulder Pain - Wrist, Leg, Knee - Cramp Pain Attack - Bunion - Arthritis - Gout and Joint Pain!

The time frame of the Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion take effect in the past 5 years survey

25 % clients         immediately            15 % clients       1 to 3 days           45 % clients     7 to 15 days       15 % clients     15 to 45 days

PRODUCT INFORMATION                                                                                                   CLIENTS TESTIMONY

DIRECTION: Remove the cap and drop a thin coat of the liquid to cover the surface of the pain area then massage with light pressure on any pain area. Apply 3 to 4 times a day. Normally the CHML will take effect with in 1 to 7 day.

Caution: For external use only and not drinkable. Have any concern? Call 808-538-7871

Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion                                                                              Direct Import from China        

Ingredients: Tai Fong Hai, Wong Fun, Ding Hong, Hoy Soo Chow, Sue moo plus 50 more different kind of none poison Chinese Herbals soak with Special Wine & Water then harvest after 24 months.




Note: this policy only apply to the item with a price tag $5.99 or $6.39.



CONTACT US: 1-808-538-7871 or





















































































IT REALLY WORKS             
I bought the product after the recommendation from a Lama Master. My GrandMother uses it for sudden leg cramps at night. It works in 30 to 50 seconds and The Leg Cramps did not come back more than a week.  We are both very satisfied and recommend its use.

Kun Gu Rinpoche    3 – 6 - 2012 


It Really Works Great and Price Is very reasonable
I have a neck injury that causes constant, severe neck & shoulder spasms. I've tried everything over the years and found nothing that helps ease the spasms for more than a few minutes. Then I tried this a few days ago and it really does help. I am very satisfied and recommend its use.

Michelle RNA      2 – 13- 2012



I love it, especially the Price                                                                                                                                                                                             This stuff is amazing. Works really fast, especially in the middle of the night! I love the product and will make sure I always have some on hand. I originally thought the price was too cheap, it will not work. But I am wrong, it does help me to relief my Feet cramp less than 45 seconds. Yes, everyone should try it.

Kenneth  HPU Asst Prof       1 – 26 - 2012


It Really help my Bunion Pain
I have a Bunion on my feet that causes constant, severe pain, especially with cold weather, I've tried everything over the years and found nothing and my Doctor recommend need surgery. Then I tried this a couple weeks ago and it really does help to relief 50 percent of the severe pain. I am satisfied and recommend its use.

Tessie Shop Manager     1 – 3 - 2012


It works much better than the ICE pack                                                                                                                                                                         This “baby” is very “cool”, it works well on my steam burn finger with no cold "burn strike" as use the old Ice method. Yes, recommend everyone to use it.

Siu The Product Owner     2 – 19 - 2012


It works on my back pain

I am farmer and always have back pain problem after finish my work. I did try more than hundreds of different kind medicine which included Chinese, Japanese, American whatever kind of the medicine if available, but none of them can ease my pain. Finally I find this cramp pain killer on my way to deliver my vegetable and it can reduce 55 percent of my back pain after 2 weeks treatment. I strongly recommend it use.

Yashimura     Farmer    2 - 1 - 2012
































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