Massage with our POWERFUL HERBAL PATCH for 30 minutes, deep penetration into your muscle or joint* ( walk in customer only )

      Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion Power Level II                  Money Back Guaranteed               $8.50 Walk in only  

   Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion Power Level III     Basketball Knee Pain     Net Weight 1.0 Ounce     $25.98 with Postpaid   CLIENT TESTIMONY 

   Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion Power Level IV    Tennis Elbow Pain      Net Weight 2.0 Ounce    $40.99 with Postpaid           

   Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion Power Level V     Severe Arthritis       Net Weight 2.0 Ounce           $45.99 with Postpaid    Client Testimony _ Ebay

   Special Patch for Knee Pain or Back Pain Massage                                              $5.00

      Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion for  Knee Pain or Back Pain        JULY SPECIAL for FIRST 10 CALLER    $0.99 with Paypal only 

INTERNATIONAL or DOMESTIC SHIPPING                                     Paypal:

      Chinese Herbal Magic Lotion for Back or Knee Pain           Money Back Guaranteed             $25.99 with Postpaid 

Note: Shipping Charge $10.00 is none refundable fund and customer may liable for the custom duty fee of your country.

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